August 18, 2019

Dave Sharp


David Sharp has been bringing fans accounts of area high school football match ups on KMEM for the past 12 seasons. David served KMEM in several broadcast capacities previously, including hosting the first Pepsi-Cola Scoreboard show on KMEM. His sports journalism experience includes writing for the Edina Sentinel newspaper since 1986. David currently writes sports for The Sentinel, The LaBelle Star, and The Kahoka Media newspapers.

“It’s a privilege to come into the area homes, businesses and cars with our high school sports broadcasts,” said David Sharp. “I learned radio from some of the best. Working with Sam Berkowitz, Peter Robertson, Donnie and Andy Middleton, Rick Fischer and the late great Jim Sears gave me a background few folks get the chance to achieve. Ray Hasenjaeger gives the broadcasts and following news accounts a great overall feel for the action. I’m currently enjoying a new season on KMEM”. David Sharp and Ray Hasenjaeger bring you Knox County Eagle football on KMEM.