December 20, 2014

Edina man earns honor for service to Missouri veteran’s.

Edina resident Eddie Anderson was recently named one of 24 recipients of the Missouri Lieutenant Governor’s Veteran’s Service Award for 2014.

Eddie Anderson first heard about the award when he received a call in early October from fourth district state Representative Craig Redmon’s office asking for information they could use to nominate him.  Anderson says he began working with local veterans when he left military service in 1982.  Anderson was asked to begin assisting with military funerals by James Lay, a Knox County American Legion member.  When Lay was no longer able to conduct the funerals, Johnson took over his responsibilities.  Since then, Johnson has organized local veterans to salute their fellow soldiers one last time.

Anderson also spends his time taking care of administrative duties for the Knox County American Legion, organizes Memorial Day services in the area and works with students competing in the American Legion Oratorical Contest.  He said he was humbled when he learned he had received the award, but he also thought about those just as deserving.

Anderson says, “James Lay had been going out and putting flags on veteran’s graves.  He, his wife, and family have been doing that for 50 years.  It’s too bad they didn’t have this type of program back then to recognize him for all he has done.”

Representative Craig Redmon nominated Johnson for the award after learning about his work with students in preparing Memorial Day services and in the American Legion contest.

Redmon says he is glad to hear that Johnson is being recognized for his work.

Four Udell Iowa residents are in custody at the Appanoose County Jail following an early morning drug bust yesterday.

Officials served four narcotics search warrants yesterday just after 6:30 a.m. at the residence of Jodi Ann Sindt, and the residences of  Cliff Lowe and Nunzio Lloyd, as well as a garage in Udell.

As a result of an investigation, officers found evidence of the manufacture of more than five grams of Methamphetamine.

40 year old Cliff  Allan Lowe, 49-year old Jody Ann Sindt, 29-year old Nunzio V. Lloyd and 28-year old Marilyn M. Lloyd all of Udell were arrested.

Lowe is charged with manufacture of more than five grams of Methamphetamine, a class “B” felony, as well as possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a precursor with intent to manufacture Methamphetamine, and ongoing criminal conduct. 

Jodi Ann Sindt and Nunzio Lloyd are also charged with manufacture of more than five grams of Methamphetamine and ongoing criminal conduct.

Marilyn Lloyd has also been charged with the manufacture of more than five grams of Methamphetamine.  All are being held in the Appanoose County jail.

How do you attract new businesses to a small community?

For small communities, the current trend seems to be moving away from attempting to attract businesses that employ hundreds of people, toward a more practical approach of attracting small businesses, with the goal of providing employment to 15 to 20 people.

Denise Bennett is the Macon County Missouri Economic Development Director.  Bennett also serves as president of the Northeast Missouri Development Partnership in Macon.

Bennett was the featured speaker at the Scotland County Rotary meeting yesterday (Tuesday January 24th).

Bennett says its important for a community to support local businesses and do what they can to keep local businesses in the area…Support existing companies, make sure they are healthy and happy in their current location, and to focus on entrepreneurs and young people.

Currently, Macon County has created a Young Professionals Network, there is an Entrepreneur’s Steering Committee, and currently officials are working towards a Business Incubator and Entrepreneur’s Center in Macon County.  For more information, you may contact Denise Bennett at, or call 660-385-5627.

A two year old Memphis, Missouri girl died this past Saturday afternoon as the result of a tragic accident on private property four miles northwest of Memphis.

The Missouri state highway patrol reports 22-year old Dawn L. Garmin was exiting a circle drive on private property four miles north of Memphis at around 5:35 p.m., when her niece, two year old Cynthia Martin, walked into the path of the vehicle Garmin was driving, and was struck by the passenger side front tire. 

Martin was transported by ambulance to Scotland County Hospital where she was pronounced dead by Dr. Ronald Keller at around 6:27 Saturday evening. 

Services for two year old Cynthia Joy Martin will be this Wednesday.  We’ll have a complete obituary for two year old Cynthia Joy Martin coming up, or you can find the obituary on our website at

Heat proved to be a detriment to the activities last night at the NEMO Fair.

Consumers air conditioning demands combined with the electric load at the fair resulted in a power outage for Tri-County Electric customers as the area lost electricity just prior to last night’s concert activities, affecting an area from the fairgrounds to the new Sperry substation northeast of Kirksville. The power outage resulted in a late start for the concert activities, however Tri-County Electric General Manager Dave Ramsey says Tri-County Electric plans to have a crew standing by in the event they are needed tonight.

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